Transportation and Automotive

Transportation and Automotive

Covering the main areas of transportation our team works globally on complex projects for some of the industry’s biggest clients. In keeping with other industry sectors, industrial processes are a vital component of keeping them going. Historically, they have had little or no connectivity, but transport is changing – and fast! With this rapid change comes a large increase in risk, especially in cyber risk due to increased connectivity with the business and beyond through initiatives such as IIoT.

Due to the age of some of the equipment especially in the Rail sector and the rapid advancements in Aviation cyber aspects (some as simple as installing wi-fi on passenger aircraft), they are now facing risks that they were never designed to face including the threat of malware (including ransomware). This combined with the rise of the threat of unauthorised drones (such as the London Gatwick incidents in late 2018) has led to a quick change in focus for some of the industry leaders.

How we help

It is very important that mass transportation is seen (and sold) as a safe method of travel and therefore strategies are being designed that include, some for the first time, the cyber risk aspect to the industrial systems involved in running a railway, for example.

Our staff have years of deep technical experience from various sectors as well as a depth of understanding of the wider risk and we have used this to help our clients understand their threats, identify any risks and, moving forward with our consultants, improve their resilience and ultimately safety of the people, planet and environment.

Our range of services includes:

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a scheme which has the backing of the UK government, aiming to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) protect themselves against the most common threats from adversaries.

Security Diagnostics

Quick and effective assessment of the people, processes and technology being used to understand the current state and identify any risks and/or gaps

Security Frameworks

Strategies, policies and guidance on the ‘What’ and the ‘How’ to manage and mitigate security risk including the completion of NIS CAF documentation if required.

Security Education

A full range of training courses as well as assisting in the design and implementation of structured security awareness

Security Assurance

Providing independent OSINT exposure analysis and penetration testing

Advisory Services

Provides access to experts in all the above fields

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From Middle English meaning Secure, Safe, Stable.

From Old English meaning Secure from, Safe, Free from danger or harm.

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From Middle English meaning Secure, Safe, Stable.
From Old English meaning Secure from, Safe, Free from danger or harm.

Believe - Learn - Achieve