Siker as a company, as well as many of its staff, hold a variety of industry, academic and professional certifications and accreditations.



HM Government Cyber Essentials

Siker have been certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme and, in addition, have a member of staff certified as a Cyber Essentials Practitioner which allows him to advise other companies on how to achieve this valuable and sought after certification.

Our Cyber Essentials Consulting information can be found here.


GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) Scheme

Siker currently has 2 courses from its ICS curriculum, the 'ICS Practitioners Security' and the 'ICS Managers Security' courses, certified under the GCT scheme.

Our GCT accredited Training courses are:


IISP Accredited Training Scheme

Siker currently has the 'ICS Practitioners Security course' and the  'ICS Managers Security' certified under the IISP Accredited Training scheme which is assessed against the skills and competencies of the IISP Skills Framework.

Our IISP accredited Training courses are:


SPE Approved Training Scheme

Siker currently has the 'ICS Security Practitioners course' approved for inclusion into the SPE professional development scheme