Siker are member of ScotlandIS, partners who support the wider digital transformation of business and society. Digital technologies underpin modern business and is critical to Scotland’s economic success. Siker and ScotlandIS work in partnership to develop digital technologies.

Siker is very proud to be a Corporate member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals and many of it’s staff are also individual members. This demonstrates our commitment to the professionalism of the staff and indeed, the IS industry.

Siker have been certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme and, in addition, have staff certified as ‘Cyber Essentials Practitioner’ which allows them to advise other companies on how to achieve this valuable and sought after certification which many of our clients now demand as part of their own Supply Chain security process.

The NCSC Assured Training scheme is run by the UK’s technical authority and provides assurance that each Certified course has been assessed against, and meets the requirements of, the UK’s Cyber Body of Knowledge (CyBoK) Knowledge areas. Siker currently has 2 courses from its ICS curriculum certified under the NCSC scheme.

Siker currently has the ‘ICS Security Practitioners course’ approved for inclusion into the SPE professional development scheme.

Siker has gained ISO9001:2015 certification through QMS International, this key piece of certification provides effective evidence towards our Siker commitment to develop and maintain our Products and Services to an exceptional internationally recognised standard.

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