Week 2

As we enter the second week of our mission, the Siker team continues to impress with their commitment to a healthier and more active lifestyle. We’ve collectively logged an astonishing 1,340 kilometers on our journey, and our enthusiasm remains unwavering.

Week 1 laid the foundation for our ambitious goal, and we’re thrilled to share more highlights from our ongoing adventure as we travelled ‘virtually’ from Munich, Germany to Sofia, Bulgaria:

Highlights from Week 2:

  • Exploring the British wilderness: Inspired by Anne and Ferne’s ascent of Ben Lomond, several team members embarked on their own expeditions. The rugged beauty of the British landscape left us in awe, serving as a vivid reminder of the wonders of the natural world.
  • Educational Insights: Consultant Tony’s riverside exploration has not only boosted our step count but also provided valuable insights into the environment. This week, we learned about the importance of protecting our waterways and the ecosystems they support.
  • Rex’s Growing Adventures: Rex, our energetic Office Companion, continues to lead Shaun on exploratory escapades. Their adventures have become a weekly highlight, as we eagerly await updates on their latest discoveries.

Our journey is an exploration of the connections between physical activity and mental health. As we clock more steps, we’re also delving into the benefits of walking on our well-being. The conversations sparked by our mission are shedding light on the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the demanding cybersecurity industry.

With each step, we’re not just inching closer to our virtual destination; we’re taking strides towards better physical and mental health. Stay tuned for more updates on our inspiring journey as we continue to walk our way to a healthier and happier team.

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