🎉 We did it! 🎉
Team Siker embarked on the Walk the World challenge to bring awareness to mental health, not just in the Cyber industry, but to everyone. We wanted to see how getting outdoors and walking more would effect our health, both physically and mentally.
The team had fun (with a little bit of friendly rivalry) and were eager to provide their step count at the end of each week. Two even joined a gym to ensure they maintained their fitness levels at the end of the challenge. But most heart warming, was the number of step donations we received from a staggering number of people; from as far afield as the Isle of Lewis, to the residents of a care home in Edinburgh, to marathon runners, sponsored walkers and dog lovers throughout the UK. At the beginning, we never dreamt we could walk the world in 80 days. But we did. And so, if nothing else, it has demonstrated the power of team work, supporting each other, and in some instances, the kindness of strangers. Well done everyone.