On the 4th and 5th of September, Siker CEO Tim Harwood attended the AIDTSEC Conference in Madaba, Jordan. 

Organized by SOFEX, AIDTSEC is a biennial conference and exhibition that is established to be the region’s most significant AI conference, aiming to bring together the lead AI guru’s in Defence Technologies and Cyber Security. 

On Day 1, Tim attended the ‘Women in Cyber’ seminar, networking with other prolific industry professionals and students/the next generation of cyber professionals. He was extremely impressed by the enthusiasm and knowledge displayed by the students of the Autonomous Platform Lab (APL). In the evening Tim was honoured to be invited to attend the gala dinner showcasing Jordanian cuisine and accompanied by traditional music. 

Day 2 saw Tim delivering a session about how cyber security can be perceived differently in the world of Operational Technology, which received excellent feedback, with some suggesting that it was ‘one of the best talks of the conference’. 

Tim wishes to express his appreciation for the invitation to this year’s AIDTSEC Conference and will continue to maintain contact with those he met over the two days. Special mention to Sebastian Madden from CREST for his display of local knowledge and hospitality. 

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