The Challenge

After several company members had attended one or both of the ICS Security courses that were being delivered for CPNI, the client contacted Siker and requested additional training for multiple teams totalling 160 staff. As the client is one of the key water companies in the UK, supplying more than 3 million homes and 200,000 businesses across the region, they recognised the importance of securing their ICS environments due to their focus being on providing the best quality water and wastewater services in the UK.

The Solution

Following detailed discussions with the client, we were able to provide them with clarity around the main UK skills frameworks as well as insight into the attack processes. This then allowed them to visualise the relevant roles for each course and a bespoke training plan was designed and delivered across two delivery tranches, the first in early 2016 with a second group trained in early 2017. This consisted of several deliveries of both ICS110: ICS Managers Security and ICS203: ICS Practitioners Security at the company’s main training centre.

The Outcome

Over the initial set of courses, more than 80 staff attended (this was lower than expected due to operational constraints) and the feedback was excellent. The follow up set in April-May 2017 provided the same courses to a further 60+ staff. As the courses are both GCT accredited which aligns them both to a recognised skills framework, senior management were to receive real, tangible illustrations of their staff skill levels which, in turn, enabled them to target further bespoke training for the next level of skills adoption.

Fast forward to 2019 and the client has returned to Siker for the designing of the next level of training, Advanced ICS Practitioner training, which will be delivered to an additional 80+ staff between November 2019 – March 2020.

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