Our Vision remains constant: that is to rapidly become one of the premier companies in our industry.

Our Mission is work with our clients to provide them with a full understanding of the risks that they face together with providing critical capabilities to identify a more comprehensive way of protecting their critical assets.


To help us achieve this we have a Group Strategic Framework consisting of clear elements of strategy which are:

  1. Maintain and grow our intelligence and security businesses

  2. Continue to grow our core business in adjacent markets

  3. Expand and develop out international businesses

  4. Develop a diverse workforce to enable success

  5. Grow financial performance and deliver growth in shareholder value

These strategic elements interweave and tie together to provide a strong foundation for our three strategic priorities:

  1. Drive and achieve a defined level of sustainable operational excellence

  2. Continuously improve efficiency and competitiveness to cement our position in the market

  3. Advance technologically to stay in the forefront

The other cornerstone of the business that supports every activity is our five values - Excellence; Community; Service; Independent and Accessibility. By strongly upholding these and by being humble enough to understand that it isn't necessarily what we do or say but how we do it that will always underpin our growth and future success.