Across the world, the International Atomic Energy Agency delivers guidance and assistance for all member states that have an interest in a Civil Nuclear program. One of the most important issues in recent times has been the recognition of the rising threat to the networks from cyber whether it is reconnaissance or full-blown attack.

We’ve helped the IAEA develop a training course that helps regional parties to better understand the rapidly evolving threat that cyber presents and also to understand how the IAEA can assist.

The solution was a 5-day course that was piloted first in South Korea at KINAC and then in the UK hosted by BEIS. The course in Daejeon, South Korea was attended by representatives from 18 different member states from the region and was widely praised for its content and approach. The UK courses was presented in Manchester, UK and again was attended by member states from multiple regions including the European region and Americas (including representatives from Brazil). The course was, again, a great success and continues to this day as part of the IAEA training offering.

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