As a major player in the global Intelligence and Security arena, we take our commitment to high standards and values very seriously.

Through our core values (Excellence, Community, Service, Independent, Accessibility) we strive to protect as well as respect our environment with the additional focus of contributing to a strong, local community. We aim to have our expert people deliver innovative, high quality and good value solutions that will make a lasting difference to your organisation. In doing so it is important we behave responsibly, caring for our employees, the environment and other organisations as well as profit.

Our comprehensive corporate responsibility policy applies across every aspect of our business.


As well as continually striving to be more energy efficient, we also recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. We actively promote environmental awareness among our staff and seek (and reward) their participation in reducing our operational impact to the environment to a minimum. This includes an increased commitment to recycling and waste management, investing in energy-efficient technologies and reducing travel by using home-working and Web-conferencing.

Our staff

We are committed to not discriminating against age, race or gender and we want our workforce to reflect the diversity of our customers. Where possible, we operate a flexible working policy (including home-working) and have an ongoing investment in the continual training of our staff. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety and welfare for our employees, their families, contractors and others affected by the company's operations.

Our customers

By operating a truly nationwide blend of local and onsite courses, we ensure that our customers can minimise their travel when training. We continually monitor the market to ensure that our prices remain competitive and we always strive to offer the best value for money.

Supply chain

A rigorous selection procedure applies for third-party organisations we work with, which ensures that every element of our services, even when provided by a partner, meets the same high standards. This has been written into our 'Supplier Principles' which can be downloaded from our Global Suppliers page. This includes health & safety, freedom of association, discrimination, working hours and payment.

Social investment

We have an ongoing programme of donating to good causes and charities and we also encourage staff to both do the same and get involved in money-raising activities with a leaning towards our selected annual Charity of the Year (currently, this is sponsorship of the Scottish U16 Women's Basketball team).

Performance and data

For organisations which require it, we freely publish statistics measuring our corporate and social responsibility progress. This includes a breakdown of employees by sex and race, energy use, social investment, health & safety, expenditure on travel and quality attainment.