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Awareness Consultancy

It is a common known fact that technology doesn't press the key on the keyboard, it is the human user or operator that does. Any business's staff are the key to any secure operations and, here at Siker, it is our mission to help you understand what your level of exposure to behavioural risk is and what learning measures (awareness, training or education) you can put into place to help mitigate this risk.

Using a five stage lifecycle approach (Benchmark It, Plan It, Design It, Implement It, Measure It) we can ensure that your staff receive the most appropriate awareness for their needs and your requirements.

Our information security awareness consulting services will provide organizations with the confidence that the level of behavioural risk will be reduced by the employees fully understanding their role in securing the organisation. This will be in line with the organisational requirements and management expectations. This will be achieved through carefully managed and enduring information security awareness program(s) and campaigns and will lower the overall risk profile of the organisation. 

Working in conjunction with your team members, this consulting service provides you with a complete review and gap analysis of your existing end user awareness when compared to relevant regulatory compliance requirements and business policy requirements. 

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Training Planning

Our team of experts will work with your organisation leadership and management teams (and individual regions or business units when required) to provide a service that will conduct a full Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) and, as a result of that LNA report, design and develop a suite (or suites) of training material to suit all needs and budgets.

Additionally, a global training delivery service is available either on-site or at bespoke training centres.

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