When HS and TC first started delivering cyber security training and awareness in mid-2013, its whole ethos was about providing people with the right level of skills to be able to perform their job and their role securely. Right from the start we recognized that not everyone needs to be a security professional but most of the users of todays IT do need to understand more about how they can become ‘professionally secure’.

Once we could get users understanding their responsibilities, then we could help organizations fully understand about how their staff can become part of their first line of defense and thus, reduce their attack surface and the organizations risk profile.

Whether your organization refer to the subject as ‘Cyber’, ‘Digital’, ‘Information’ or simply ‘IT’ Security it is rapidly evolving into the one of the key areas that Boards are starting to focus on.

In the past, there have been a variety of generic certifications and courses covering a wide set of mainly risk-focused domains but Cyber security is now a prominent issue on any Government or corporate agenda and there is a growth in the requirement for highly-trained, skilled individuals with the right set of competencies for their particular role.

Whatever stage of your career you are at, either in Cyber Security or wanting to understand more, Siker are here to help you as an individual, a team or your organization as a whole.

Tim Harwood

CEO, Siker Cyber