It’s been less than a month, but new graduate apprentice Shaun Bisset has already had enough adventure to last him a lifetime, from his top-secret mission in Middle East to being stranded at Heathrow Airport on his return.

‘I couldn’t believe it when Siker told me I’d be heading off to another Continent in my first week’ says Sean, adjusting his cuff links and taking a sip from his Vodka Martini (which we later found out was lemonade and a cocktail cherry). ‘I can’t tell you what I was doing out there….  Well, I could….  But then I’d have to kill you afterwards’. He raises an eyebrow and with his Scottish accent, we can’t help but notice the similarity between him and Sean Connery.

“All secrets aside, it was a great opportunity to learn what the business is all about. I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people in my first two weeks with Siker and count myself grateful to work with such a supportive team. I’m really looking forward to my future with Siker.”

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