We offer a range of drone and counter-drone education and advisory functions, and also specialist drone flight services:

Education and training in how drones might support your business, and perhaps more importantly, how to address the issue of unwanted or nefarious drones operating in and around your sensitive sites. We help our clients understand why drones are ‘hard’ targets, what technology might be available to assist them, what processes, training and responses might work for their situation, and how to prepare their people. Our offering ranges from 40-minute “lunch and learn” seminars through to 2 day workshops, which examine the problem in a lot more depth.

Advisory and consultancy services form a strong part of our team’s offering, and they have worked extensively for the UK MOD, Government and other nations’ Armed Forces on drone and Counter-Drone programmes. We provide wholly independent advice and subject matter expertise, with a broad ‘reach’ into Industry to enable us to get to the right expert, with the right qualifications, when you need it.

Drone flight services include a range of innovative options, which can be called on individually or as a set:

    • Penetration testing / ethical hacking: using our drones to perform electronic surveys and assess your networks’ ability to withstand an attack targeted via WiFi.
    • Physical security assessments: Drone-based airborne surveys of your sites to ascertain weak spots, security flaws, protocol weaknesses and overlook issues.
    • Partners with other capabilities includes: Airborne re-broadcast, tethered drones, night vision / infra-red, geodetic survey and many others.

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