Course Code:  ICS405

Skill Level: 4 Senior Practitioner

Delivery Method: Classroom

The Securing ICS: Becoming an Industrial Cyber Security Professional course is designed to provide those at IT/operational level (or equivalent) with an understanding of today’s cyber security challenges facing their ICS environments. This training course provides the attendees with the level of knowledge which is vital when managing the day to day running of all aspects of security for those environments.

The course will illustrate to attendees how to combine the disciplines of IT, OT and Physical Security to show how best to support their organisations’ cyber security and risk mitigation/reduction strategies for their ICS environments. In addition, it will provide the knowledge level required to challenge the GICSP certificate.

If you are an...

…IT, an operational or a physical security professional responsible for any ICS environment and/or people working on securing these systems including:

  • Business Technical/Engineering/Procurement Lead

  • ICS Policy Maker

  • Site/Asset Single Point of Accountability (SPA) for security and/or Incident Response

  • Site/Asset IT Manager

  • ICS Consultant

  • Integrator

…then this course is for you.

It provides an in-depth understanding across multiple industry sectors of what the current standards and regulations are, cyber security risks are and the threats currently facing your ICS environments. In addition, it discusses how to forward plan to help mitigate and reduce these risks. Lastly it discusses how to plan for and respond effectively to a cyber incident.


Although there are no pre-requisites for this course and no laptop is required, all attendees need a good understanding of either basic IT or OT skills. Hands-on exercises will run throughout the course and are used to illustrate the course sections. A handbook of supporting material will be provided.

What you will receive

  • A USB drive with relevant papers of interest, use cases, additional study material and a reference guide

  • A courseware folder containing all slides completed with speaker notes for revision prior to challenging the exam

What you will learn on this course?

By the end of the course, you will know:

  • How to identify what current and emerging threats your ICS face

  • Where your ICS environments are vulnerable

  • What actions you need to take to secure your systems and help reduce the risk.

  • How to prepare for and handle a security incident

  • Prepare for challenging the GICSP exam

Course Duration

The course consists of five days (30 CPE credits) classroom training broken down into a mix of lectures, discussions and exercises. All attendees receive a course completion certificate but individuals are responsible for entering accurate membership or ID numbers upon registration to ensure the relevant details are included on the certificate.

Course Contents

The course follows a whole lifecycle approach for designing, implementing, monitoring and decommissioning an ICS and covers the following modules:

  • ICS Basics (for non-OT personnel)

  • Cybersecurity Essentials (for ICS personnel)

  • ICS Security Governance and security risk

  • ICS Architecture

  • ICS Hardening

  • Access Management

  • Physical Security

  • ICS Security Assessments

  • ICS Security Monitoring

  • Incident Response

  • Exam Preparation

What exam should follow on from this?

This course has been designed for an attendee to be trained to a level that allows them to challenge the GIAC GICSP certificate, although the exam is not currently included in the course.

What training should follow on from this?

This course is a skilled level course that allows an attendee from either side (IT or OT) to have a base understanding of the ‘other side of the firewall’. There are many specialist courses that can follow on from depending on the Industry sector and learning requirements.

Author Statement

“When I first got involved with the design and development of the GICSP I was really excited by the drive and the passion of the highly skilled group who got together in Houston and worked so hard to bring the concept to life. In those early days, the main thrust was to give the IT and the OT sides a common view of ‘the other side of the firewall’. This certificate remains the baseline for someone entering the world of IT/OT security and this course will take you there”

Tim Harwood, 2016

Note: This course prepares you for the GICSP certification which meets the DoD IAT Level 2, CSSP Analyst and CSSP Infrastructure Support requirements.

Fantastic course, with a great and knowledgeable instructor thrown in! I learnt so much to take away and look into when I get back to work
— Andy A, Civil Nuclear, November 2018
The instructor’s teaching techniques, real-world examples and ability to share information were invaluable
— Dan S, Energy, March 2018

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