ACT220 – OSINT Foundations (Classroom)


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Level 2 - Foundation


The Introduction to OSINT course is a hands-on and practical module that is designed for those who use the Internet to conduct research or investigations in the ICS arena and forms the basis for further training.

If you are a…

…practitioner involved with ICS procurement/implementation/audit/maintenance or part of an ICS environment supply chain and/or people who need full awareness of the security risks to these environments, including:

  • Site/Asset User or Operator
  • Site/Asset IT/ICS Support engineer
  • Site/Asset Physical security/Facilities Management professional…

…then this course is for you.


There are no pre-requisites set for this module.

What you will learn on this course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe a communication profile and the methods of creating one.
  • Discuss the impact of legislation on Internet based investigations.
  • Apply the appropriate methodologies to Internet based investigations.
  • Describe the Internet, the World Wide Web and related protocols.
  • Demonstrate the use of personal and operational security online.
  • Demonstrate the customisation and deployment of online tools and techniques.
  • Demonstrate simple and advanced methods available to search the Internet.
  • Demonstrate the use of Internet based open source services and databases.
  • Demonstrate the evidential capture of online material and the application of validation techniques.
  • Demonstrate the investigative value of social networks, emails, images and databases.

Course Duration

The course consists of 3 days of classroom training.
The course contains hands-on exercises and examples of operational OSINT to reinforce theory taught by our instructors.

Course Contents

Part 1: Communication Profiles

Part 2: Legislation Effecting Internet Investigations

Part 3: Preparing For An Internet Investigation

Part 4: What Is the Internet?

Part 5: The Browser, Add-Ons and Extensions

Part 6: Advanced Searching Techniques

Part 7: Investigation of Digital Images

Part 8: Open Source Databases and Services

Part 9: Searching for and Identifying Remote Internet Services

Part 10: Gathering Technical Information on the Internet

Part 11: Introduction To Investigating Social Networks

Part 12: Final Exercise

Part 13: Exercise Debrief

What training should follow on from this?

This course is a Level 2 Foundation course but it can be used as preparation for more focussed training such as the:
Siker ICS405: Securing ICS course.