It is our vision to assist Nations, Governments and Organisations all around the globe to identify and address their exposure to all elements of cybercrime, reduce their attack surface through structured programmes of education, comply with local and international regulation and change the way they work to build a culture that addresses cyber in the same way we address safety.

Siker is a company that is proud of its roots, starting life as HS and TC in 2013 and then, in early 2018, separating out to form the Intelligence and Security arm of the HS and TC Group under the branded name 'Siker'. We have a history of helping our clients to assess, identify and close the gaps in cyber skills that protects them and reduces their attack surface.

The nature of those threats is continually changing and the traditional physical threats have now morphed into cyber-space being carried out by organised groups often backed by state-level support. This has also led to a large reduction in the effectiveness of traditional security technology over the past decade. There is a changing skill set emerging in most industry sectors that means where staff 30 years ago had to 'learn' computing in the traditional way, the next generation have simply grown up with as part of their day to day life and therefore, this brings a different view of the problem. There is an expectation around use of technology, especially mobile technology, in the workplace and this brings with it a raised risk profile if not addressed.