At a Glance

The security discipline of 'Implementing Secure Systems' combines the security requirements and ensures that any system is then designed and built the right way, with security as a concern right from the word go. Applying the concepts from multiple architecture frameworks (TOGAF, SABSA, etc) it takes the different skills required for Enterprise Security Architecture, Technical Security Architecture and Secure Development to help staff understand the whole concept of secure by design so that security is built and not bolted on as an afterthought.

Our Courses

Level 1 - Awareness

ISS101 - Coding Essentials (under development)

Level 2 - Foundation

ISS201 - Python Basics (under development)

Level 3 - Practitioner

ISS301 - Advanced Python (under development)

Useful Resources

Although there is a huge resource set for this subject quite often the comment we hear from customers is "But I don't know where to find it!". Therefore, below are a set of links to useful resources and related sites:

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