Providing one of the largest UK water companies with a multi-level training solution for ICS Cyber Security

The Challenge

After several staff had attended one or both of the HS and TC courses delivered for CPNI/NCSC, our client contacted us and asked us to provide additional courses onsite to approximately 160 staff.

The Solution

The resulting training program was to be delivered in the company training centre which would allow for maximum attendance and least disruption. The program was designed to be delivered over multiple weeks in Q1 2016 with a follow up shorter series in early 2017 to allow for ‘catch up’ with those unable to attend the original tranche.

The Outcome

Over the initial set of courses, over 80 staff attended (lower than expected due to operational requirements) and the feedback was excellent. The follow up set in May 2017 will provided training for a further 60 staff. As both courses are aligned to recognised skills and levels, the program provides senior management with real, tangible illustrations of the level attained which in turn means they can identify areas of real risk reduction and change in culture.

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