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Classroom-Based Courses

All Siker classroom-based courses are designed to fit the needs of the attendees including all course materials, breakout sessions and exercises. This method allows the attendee to not only gain the knowledge but also understand how best to implement that knowledge on their return to work. All of our courses have been designed with a single goal - to help deliver the right skills, at the right level to the right people to enable companies, governments and military units protect people and their assets. We constantly update and improve the courses to ensure that the tools and techniques taught are the most useful.

If you are unsure which course is best, please visit our 'Courses at a Glance' page for some more info.


Trusted and Accredited

Our courses are carefully aligned to the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) skills framework and we have a growing number accredited by the GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) scheme and the IISP Accredited Training scheme.

Additionally, all courses have been designed to be an integral part of the skills roadmap which has been designed with the user in mind. The skills framework can be found here.


What can you expect from one of our courses?

All of our courses:

  • are delivered by a subject matter expert (SME) with deep technical subject knowledge
  • provide skills needed by industry and Government
  • are regularly reviewed by the author(s) to ensure that they meet strict quality guidelines
  • follow a comprehensive course outline
  • are provided with clear, detailed joining instructions and all required pre-course materials
  • are provided with comprehensive courseware and handouts
  • allow for a deep, involved learning experience
  • provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for various certifying bodies

Siker Authored Courses

We offer several Siker authored courses, designed by one of our core group of SMEs to help students develop the skills required for the course but also the ability to apply those skills on their return to their workplace.

**Important Note** Students are responsible for taking home all of the materials they receive in class. For some courses these materials can be quite sizeable (especially for those wishing to challenge any open-book exam). If you have any concerns about transporting the manual(s) and would like an estimate of the dimensions and weight, please contact us using the contact form. Here at Siker we take great pride in our work to become a green company and will gladly recycle any materials student do not require.


Course Identifiers

ACT (Audit, Compliance and Testing):

Our range of Penetration courses provide the attendee with the knowledge and skills to understand and practice competent pen testing to a certified level.


ICS (Industrial Control Systems):

Our wide range of ICS focussed courses have been designed to allow organisations to map different users to different learning paths.


ISGM (Information Security Governance and Management):

Our courses are focussed on those involved in the Governance and Managing of security.


ISS (Implementing Secure Systems)

Our ISS courses are focussed on training those in the design arena to ensure that security is built in to all areas of the program rather than bolted on at a later stage.


OPSEC (Operational Security Management):

Our Protection courses cover a range of Protective Security subjects for all skill levels.


TAIRM (Threat Assessment and Information Risk Management):

Our Security courses provide a broad range of knowledge/subjects that have been designed to assist attendees of all skill levels to learn about and create better, secure environments.